My most precious friend- my mom

Radhika Agarwal
2 min readMay 12, 2024
Mother and Child Love

“It’s the most difficult task to gather words for her to put in a flask.
She is like undefined; I think all the definitions need to be refined.
Lemme bind something together to make you feel her feathers.

I met her first when I opened my eyes, the world seemed beautiful because of her all the time.
She is my clown who is always around, making that pout without a doubt.
She makes the cat meow sound so wow and her eyebrow upright is high pshaw.
Her love for birds is an award card, I give her the blame to be so kind.
She is like my art with a heart, she is my shout that should knockabout.
She gives me the taste that fails to waste, she is a maid with the heavenly jade.
Her talents are never a count, singing, dancing, cooking more to abound.
I make her tickle just to giggle. She is my fame without a name.

Always a laugh, rarely a cry but I wonder how my every emotion makes her so high.
She is so refined towards delight that she is the mastermind for my peace of mind.
She leaves me behind when it’s a sign, the dangers to bind for me to sunshine.
She gave me values not just a few but a statue that is Mathews.
She is a shine that is always gold. She is so rolled not to be fold.
She taught me every lesson with so affection that was more powerful than aggression.

If there is God then it’s in her form, in my prayers she is forever there.
I swear this, to compare she is always in the air.
I am a millionaire to be in her care; I can go nowhere, where she is not there.

Less are words when it comes to her, I cannot bear anything against her.
I am not clever enough to thank her ever. It’s a phew how the time flew.
Now it’s time for her to smile for completely mounding the profile.
I exist because of her she is none other than my Mother.
I love her to infinity, not for the femininity but for the divinity of her creativity.”



Radhika Agarwal

I love to write about Cyber Security, Data analysis and sometimes I write poems also.