How to develop an application for an e-commerce business?

Radhika Agarwal
5 min readJun 27, 2021

Various tools and techniques used in making it is all here!!

What is a app ?

Have a question in mind, Google it. So let’s first talk what is Google. So, basically Google is an application which has answer to all our questions. It’s not a miracle or God like something, but we consider it. Right..?? So according to me a app is something more or less like that only. Someone which can help in many ways and make our life simpler. Maybe our best friend, having solutions to all our problems in life. So let’s get started and make a new best friend.

How to build an app?

Keeping app our best friend let us divide it into two parts. Let’s take a selfie of our friend. So what is a selfie ? A selfie is a photograph in which you just see the face of a person and rest body is hidden . So our app making procedure is also divided in two parts. The things that have to displayed and the other part which has to be hidden and has to be done by us in designing and all. Let’s get started.

1 . Goals:

We should be very clear with what our app has to do. The appeal for which users are looking for it should be very clear. The problem solving is basically the foundations so the pillars should be laid on that only. It should be simplified because everyone is not a programmer.

2. Sketch ideas:

We should be aware of the competition going on in market as we are also now a part of this big race. The information regarding our content should be thoroughly collected. The planning should be very clear like sales marketing and everything. And since it is our best friend so of course 90% people prefer friends of their own age. Hence, we should keep in mind that which users we are approaching and make things accordingly.

The design should also be made before hand.

3. wireframe:

The very first thing which comes to mind with wire frames is stack. So what is stack..?? Stack is a data structure used to store a collection of objects. Basically like our best friend storing lots of our information.

There are stacks of wire framing websites that can help you to bring sketches to life with functionality like click through and icons.

4. Back end:

Let’s put our purpose of app to board now. We need to delineate our servers, APIs, and data diagrams. There are great app builders that provide with all the tools. So yeah, don’t worry. Still if you are unclear about the technical thing you should definitely use a service that provides hosting and a means of collecting data about your app usage. 5. Designing :

Time to create user interface. Create attracting visual effects with keeping latest trends in mind.

5. Checking:

Like our best friends are tested in tough time ,let’s test our app also. You should test it many times with keeping every of its function in mind. Test both user interface app as well the functioning app. Make sure that both look and the feel of the app is according to your desired condition.

6. Modify and adjust:

After testing modify the changes also think of user needs. Adjust yourself or maybe call the troops back. 8. Release:

Lets introduce it to world now. Of course you need to launch it on play store . You just need a verified account on play store or Apple. It may take a little time but don’t be impatient.

My idea of the app!

I think our country is still lagging behind when it comes to women safety. We see women’s emerging as a medalist in every field but when I am to talk about the major portion of woman in India, I pick the illiterate section mainly and my heart sobers to point out that they are still the victim of rapes, sexual assault and all, as if a women’s respect is merely a toy. So what we need. According to me there are 6 main points .

1.Self sufficient

To bring self sufficiency in women to fight in tough times. I want that a app should be made which should teach girls fundamentals of fighting. There are few tips and tricks that can badly effect a man and a woman can be safe. The government should make that compulsory for all females and organize a test sort something at a fix age.

2. Nearest help

I think that every girl’s phone should be linked to 6–7 members of her family and during time of emergency it should trace for the nearest family member Also I guess it would be great if it sends a immediate message to the nearest police station.

3. Prevention from being panicking:

I think during these kind of times, people tend to panic and get confused what to do and what not so a app instructing some basic ideas to save oneself can help.

4. Metal detector

I know this is something imagination but Google was also once a imagination only so why not let’s try this. An app which can detect hard metals around or maybe a app detecting just iron around it. If this is possible then a

women can think of hitting the other person with that metal thing.

5. Record keeper of female infanticide :

What if a strict action is immediately taken on female infanticide, female fortitude, Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) and all other practices of such kind. If the government link all the data of a patients of having newborns and make the nearest police station to look in every case regarding a girl child death. Weather it happened naturally or the crime was committed. I think this can bring a full stop to such bad practices.

6. Mental support:

I think my app should provide a counselor kind of for the victim. The women is completely shackled after any such incident, and she needs mental support to bring herself back to life. A person motivating her or the quotes motivating her all day long would be great help.

I hope there comes a day when when people of my country respect every woman the way they respect their mothers and a app for women safety would not be needed.

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