How to develop an application for an e-commerce business?

Various tools and techniques used in making it is all here!!

What is a app ?

How to build an app?

1 . Goals:

2. Sketch ideas:

The design should also be made before hand.

3. wireframe:

There are stacks of wire framing websites that can help you to bring sketches to life with functionality like click through and icons.

4. Back end:

Time to create user interface. Create attracting visual effects with keeping latest trends in mind.

5. Checking:

6. Modify and adjust:

Lets introduce it to world now. Of course you need to launch it on play store . You just need a verified account on play store or Apple. It may take a little time but don’t be impatient.

My idea of the app!

1.Self sufficient

2. Nearest help

3. Prevention from being panicking:

4. Metal detector

women can think of hitting the other person with that metal thing.

5. Record keeper of female infanticide :

6. Mental support:

I hope there comes a day when when people of my country respect every woman the way they respect their mothers and a app for women safety would not be needed.

— — — — — — THANK YOU — — — — — -



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