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Starting with connecting to VPN we switched on the machine.

To fine open ports and services available on it, I did nmap scan.

The result of which shows us 4 open ports:


Moving further :

We want to brute force it to find hidden directories

For which we have gobuster

Gobuster gives us

This clearly indicates /development to be the only useful directory.

Opening this on chrome gives us a page that has further 2 txt files which says:


We are going to use enumeration enum4linux tool which is used in extracting and detecting data from linux as well as windows.

Lets go with -a tag that gives us maximum of information needed.

This is something useful so I just fetched this here.

Now we have 2 user and among which IPC$ is generally common to all and seems of no importance so lets go with Anonymous.

To login in Anonymous let’s use the SMB(service message block) enumeration which is basically a protocol used for sharing files, printers and stuff.

Remember that ls -la command does not work in smb.

We got 1 text file which cannot display its contents with cat so we will do get command to get it.

From here we can easily figure out the names of the 2 users.

Since we have the users now lets try to find their passwords.

I am using hydra brute forcing tool for this. It uses a lot of ssh configurations at once therefor limit them to 4 or some small number by using the tag -t 4.

Lets connect ssh with jan as user and Armando as password.

In /home directory we jan and kay.

There is nothing in jan but kay has a file. That file is not accessable. So moving on we change directory to ssh and found public and private keys there.

I saved the private key in my machine. Now I tried to login as kay which is the other user using his private key .

chmod 600 idrsa — I did this command first to change the permissions of the key to be only read and seen by the root user.

Oh no! it seems like the key has a passphrase on it. Lets try to crack it using john the ripper. To do that we will first change private key to hash file using ssh2john

Lets brute force this file using john the ripper and decode its password.

From here we got the passphrase “beeswax”

Now lets try login again.

Hurray!! We got into the system.

Lets try finding our last flag.

And yes!!! We found it as well.



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